What's this you say?

Well, I've had this website for about a decade, just for fun. I've used it in running a fantasy football league for close friends and some other small things from when I used to game online and needed to post some stuff.

Over the years anyone randomly stumbling upon this would be treated with some interesting visual I came up with! This one, to the left, is my most recent concept from a couple years ago (2016). Aside from being neat, there's historically been some symbolism in what you see... 🧐

Take a look!

bayvakoof is a moniker i came up with to stay humble, my parents always put a lot of pressure on me to be extraordinary and so this served as my web identity to remind myself I can be a bit goofy :).

P.S. This is what I was listening to while working on this and it is just sooo groovy